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Below you will find interviews I have done at WZBC FM 90.3 FM Boston and recorded in the past. Other past subjects that I have interviewed are: Lee Renaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic YouthThalia Zedek of Come/Uzi/Live Skull and many more. More to come….


In 1995 I interviewed Pere Ubu’s David Thomas on-air at WZBC 90.3 FM while he was touring to support the Raygun Suitcase album. He is coming to Boston October 23 for a solo show at The Magic Room. October 22, 2010, I interviewed him once again at WZBC over the phone. He was smart, irreverent and irascible as we spoke of his role as an artist and musician, cowardice, and life. Listen to the interview here!


Fifteen years ago I interviewed Michael Gira of Swans, Angels of Light of Light and Young God Records on WZBC 90.3 FM in Boston. The Great Annihilator album had just come out and he renounced the recording and declared Swans are DEAD! On Sept 29, 2010 I interviewed Gira again Swans have released a brand new album, My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky and are currently on tour to support the new record. SWANS ARE NOT DEAD! Please check out the interview from WZBC 90. 3 here.


Eric Martin and Phil Caruso of Boston rock scene legend Neats came down to the WZBC Studios on December 30, 2009. The band was accompanied by Ace of Hearts Records owner and producer Rick Harte. The band is supporting the re-release of 22 tracks Harte has remastered from the original session tapes and released in 2009, Neats 1981-84: The Ace of Hearts Years. Neats will also be part of Boston’s New Years Eve First Night celebration performing at the Orpheum Theater with Buffalo Tom and Lyres. Listen to the interview here!



On Friday February 20th, 2009 Boston’s legendary rock producer and owner of Ace of Hearts Records joined me on the Kick Out the James! program on WZBC 90.3 FM. We talked for two hours. We spoke about his latest band, Heat From A Dead Star a fantastic trio from France via England. Rick also spoke about the fruitful 1980’s Boston rock era, his infamous past, and humble beginnings producing and releasing bands like; Mission of Burma, The Neats, The Neighborhoods, The Lyres and many more. He has some great stories. Listen to the interview!



On January 9, 2009, Carter Tanton of the Boston band Tulsa came to WZBC 90.3 FM to be on the Kick Out The James! radio program for an interview and live performances. Carter is a very nice guy and his emotive and dreamy musical and vocal style came through in warm and wonderful performances. That night the band Tulsa did an amazing set at The Middle East in Cambridge. Look for a new Tulsa album in the early spring. Thank you to the photographer Allison Evans for capturing photos of the event. Listen to the interview!



On November 21, 2008, Simeon of the band Silver Apples came down for and interview on the Kick Out The James! program on WZBC 90.3 FM. Simeon was just a fantastic person with many great stories of his full and eclectic life. A truly positive and inspiring man. It was an honor to interview a true legend in the world of experimental music. That evening he did an outstanding performance at the Brainwaves Festival 2008 with Meatbeat Manifesto, Manorexia and Marrissa Nadler. Thank you to Jon Whitney of for arranging the interview. Listen to the interview!



On April 21, 2008, the Steve and Jeff of the recently reunited Boston band Big Dipper came to the Kick Out The James! program on WZBC 90.3 FM. for an interview. It was great fun, we talked like old friends and they picked the music. The band was in town for a reunion show at the Middle East in Cambridge that ended a mini-tour of the Northeast. They were supporting the recently released the 3-disc set CD on Merge Records called, Supercluster. It was almost two hours of spirited fun and the live show rocked! Listen to the interview!



On April 28, 2005, the Roger Miller and Clint Conley of the seminal Boston post-punk band Mission of Burma came to the Kick Out The James! program on WZBC 90.3 FM. for an interview. Roger Miller arrived first and talked for nearly two hours about the reunited band, dispelled rumors, talked about their influence in the pantheon of indie rock and played music. It was an honor to have two legends of independent music and college radio rock speak with me on the show. That evening they played at the Somerville Theater. The show was stellar. Listen to the interview!



In 1996 the Austrian-born, internationally recognized designer, Stefan Sagmeister came to the Kick Out The James! program on WZBC 90.3 FM. for an interview. We spoke about his design of CD covers for The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Lou Reed, Skeleton Key and many others. Stefan played music that he was listening to in his NYC studio. The night of the interview Stefan gave a lecture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He spoke of design needing to have heart and help the world. He made it a wonderful day. Thanks to Josh Silverman of Schwadesign for arranging the interview and Fritz Klaetke of Visual Dialogue for recording the interview. Listen to the interview!



On August 5, 1996 I did a brief telephone interview with the pop genius and enigmatic Stephen Jones of the band Babybird on the Kick Out The James! program on WZBC 90.3 FM. Stephen was in a restaurant in NYC and speaking to me over the phone lines about his new contract with Atlantic Records, his music, creative process and filled-in the listeners about all things Babybird. He was a very nice man. Unfortunately the only Boston Babybird performance was canceled. Babybird is now no more but the man is still making his brand of music. Listen to the interview!


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